5 Best Lessons I have Learned in 2019

We all are excited to welcome 2020.
Everyone is looking for a successful and happy year ahead.

I believe before stepping into 2020, we all should analyze our 2019.

As per our elders; for better tomorrow, we need to learn from our yesterday. Recently, I tried to do that too & after that whole self assessment and past analysis, below are five things that I learned in 2019. And I believe these would help me to grow in 2020.

So, here are those 5 things;

1. Make Your Own Decisions

First things first, do not rely on anyone for your decisions.

Why? because you know yourself best.
None of your family and friends can take decision on your behalf. Although its very common in society but still, you are the one who should be making decisions for your self.

There is a huge benefit of doing that. You become self confident, plus you learn to take responsibility for your decisions & actions, which in itself is a very important aspect.

In 2019, I have taken tons of major decisions, you can say more than in my whole life.

Obviously, I asked for the opinions and suggestions from my trust worthy people but the sole decision maker was me. This did not only give me self confidence but also a better self image.

Some of the major decisions I took are as follows: first international travel on a leadership program, quitting toxic relationships in my life, and choosing experience over money.

The best thing about making your own decisions is that there is no one else to blame and you take ownership of your all decisions.

Just one thing while you are doing it, take responsibility of your decision and stand firm by it.

2. You do not need Validations

In last quarter of 2019, I have realized and fixed a very bad habit of mine which is asking for validation from others for my decisions.

I know many people as well who look for validation from friends and family for their decisions.

It’s always good to discuss options with your friends and family but once you have decided to do something, do not seek validations from others.

When we seek validations from others, it shows we actually are not confident enough to believe in ourselves.

The idea is yours, journey would be yours and experience would be yours as well. So, there is no point to look for validation from others. You are the hero of your own journey. Just Do It.

3. Create Balance in Life

The third most important lesson I have learned in 2019 is to maintain balance in life. Allah has created everything in balance. This is circle of life. We cannot deny that. Likewise everyone of us needs to create balance in our lives too.

I understand being young, we always (if not then most of the time) want to hangout with friends, go out, party late and everything fun but this causes disruption in our lives. Creating balance in life is as important as breathing.

Our lives should be balanced with work, rest and party. Life should be mixture of everything and not only fun.

Here is a pro tip, whenever you feel excess of anything, start doing other thing which you lack. For example, if you are continuously studying and not having fun at all, just take little time out and go out with friends to rest and refresh your mind.

4. Don’t Compare yourself with anyone

It’s natural to compare ourselves with others. We always see good in others and underestimate our blessings.

This year after spending two months in Egypt, I have realized that there are 7.53 billion people in the World and everyone is different from each other.

Allah has blessed each one of us in unique way. We just ignore our blessings and always consider others better than us. This happens because we lack trust in our creator and ourselves.

We all are unique in our own beautiful ways. None of us can be replaced. Everyone is here with some purpose. Just believe in yourself, keep on doing smart work and wait for the magic.

5. Say no to Toxic Relationships

Even after reading millions of quotes related to toxic relationships, you are still stuck in a bad one. I am not only talking about a romantic relationship. I would say each and every contact which gives you stress even you have not subscribed for it. Quit right now.

I did quit major toxic relationships in 2019. If I can do it, You can do it.

We usually do not realize but toxic relationships drain our energy, productivity and time.

If you really want to be productive in 2020, say bye bye to all toxic relationships right now, right here.

Final Note

I really hope my experiences also helped you to learn valuable lessons for future. I wish you a successful and happiest new year. Keep growing. Cheers!

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Before starting a new year must review your 2019 to make sure that you do not do same mistakes in 2020.

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Well i just come to know writing blogs Is not a easy task it takes a lot of time, energy ⛮ and attention.. You’re sharing very valuable experiences and that’s what we deal with in daily life… Keep it up

I will not lie didn’t read the whole thing ,went through the headings but i can say that all them written above is correct specially “Don’t compare yourself with others”.
Keep up the good work senior.
Highly recommended.

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