Convince Your Parents for International Travel

Hi Reader! I hope things are going great in your life.
You are here, that means you want to travel & that is great. But the problem is that you need your parents permission to do that.
It sounds weird, doesn’t it? but yes if you are from Asia & especially from Pakistan or India, you can relate very well.

Convincing parents seems really hard, especially when you already feel distant or under pressure. The situation has always been very better for me. I managed to do that by following a process and now i have some tips that might help you too.

So basically, there are three very general steps.
1. Build Confidence
2. Tell them the benefits
3. Make them a part of every process.

Build Confidence

A very common thing in our society is that not all the parents are confident about their kids & the worse thing is that it is our fault, not theirs. We do not ever try to develop a relationship that is based on trust and confidence. We do not show them that we are mature enough to make right decisions for ourselves. So, they never consider us capable of that.

First step towards this process is to build confidence. And how you can do that is very simple. Just talk to them everyday. Tell them what you are up to. Tell them your interests, likes and dislikes. Listen to their advice even if you think its opposite of what you want. Remember, You are building confidence with your parents. You should have a conversation with your parents. Tell them your story and listen them as well.

My mother knows my all likes, dislikes, interests and everything. She knows that I try to find excitement in everything. Sometimes she does not agree with my ideas and thoughts on the spot but after some time she convinces me or herself. Me and mother have a healthy relationship just because we exchange our ideas and thoughts almost everyday. She knows I am career oriented. This is the reason she always helps me whenever I ask her to do something related to my career which will boost my CV. I hope you are getting my point here.

The only thing to convince your parents for anything is to explain your thoughts and ideas to them which ultimately will build confidence. Maybe at times they might not agree and try to convince you otherwise, but still its a win win situation. In the end a healthy relationship matters the most. Once they are confident about you, it would get easier to explain your adventures to them.

Tell them the Benefits

Parents are human too, so just talk to them. It is in our basic nature to seek for the benefits before doing anything. If you will tell a person to do something without telling him the benefits, he might not do that with interest. Tell the benefits and Wallahi, he will do that with all the interest and hard work. Same theory goes for the parents.

Tell your parents the benefits of that trip and how it is going to affect you or what you are going to do. Tell them that if I will take that specific international tour, this will enhance the worth of my resume multiple times or this will improve some specific thing in me. This will give them a relief and they would think that you are on right track.
Being a parent, they want you to be responsible about your future. Telling them the benefits of your specific international tour gives them the mental satisfaction that you are a responsible person and cares for your own future.

Involve your parents in the Process

Third and final step is to involve your parents in the process. Even if you get the permission from your parents in advance, you still need to keep them involved in the process. Ask them for their suggestions. Involve them while taking even minor decisions.

When I started looking for the job in Egypt, I discussed each and every job with my mother. I asked her opinion, followed her suggestions and made sure that she is satisfied as much as I am. From applying to different jobs in Egypt to choosing my airline, I kept my mother involved in every bit of the process. This did not only help me to take my decisions wisely but we also developed a great connection. My mother trusted and believed in my process. She was as much satisfied with my decision as I was.

Involving your parents in the process does not only help once but this is for long term. Next time when you will do something else, they would already have faith in you.

Final Note

On the final note, i would really hope that the things i told you are helpful and meaningful for you. Obviously that is not the certainty, but if you will follow these steps, you will have a very better relationship with your parents. After that, you can convince them for international trip or even anything you want.
Just one advice, never do something that would make them doubt you or your capabilities. Be sincere with your own self and your parents. Always tell them the truth, it will benefit you now and then.

Best of Luck. Cheers!

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16 replies on “Convince Your Parents for International Travel”

This was worth reading. I’m sure many people would get benefit from this. Lots of love and prayers for the future ahead 😊

Honestly, I can’t afford traveling but yet I read all of it just because of the cute way you said you put lots of effort on writing it, I couldn’t swipe to next stories without reading. That eye’s expression, face, hand gestures … as a guy I found it way too cute.
P.s:Rarely I find anything cute usually.

I found it worth reading. It’s first time I came across any of your blog and it led me to read one by one all. Love the way of your writing as well. Godspeed!

Quite a well written article. I do agree with your notion of conservative thinking that prevails within sub continent or south Asian region. But these days such superstitions and things like girls going far which used to be considered taboos are considerably decreased. People have understood the point, that these things just put hurdles in way to progress of young girls of nation. This not only hinders someone’s personal growth but also hits the national interest in the big picture.

I really appreciate your part in this regard and definitely praise your parents too for helping you get to your aim.
Stay blessed.
Best Regards !

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