Five Must Have Travel Apps

What is the purpose of Technology? Technology is to ease our routine tasks. Now almost everything is digital. Groceries to education to medication, everything is available online. Likewise, there are tons of applications and websites which add value for travelers.

Being a travel freak I was already aware of many travel apps but I found them more amazing when I actually used these apps during my first travel to Egypt. Here are five applications which I frequently used while spending two months in Egypt and I believe every traveler should have these apps before starting his journey.

Here comes the first one:

1. Airbnb

Airbnb is the first one on my list. It is a great application if you want to avoid expensive hotels and stay at pretty looking home kind of place. This travel app has authentic payment methods. It has also great refund policies. Moreover they offer pretty amazing savings on your first booking or if you refer Airbnb to anyone.

I used this application in Egypt to book a villa in Dahab. I spent two nights and three days at that place. It was a very pretty looking and comfy place to stay with my friends. We actually made our local dishes there in the kitchen which was hell of fun.

Good News: You can get $25 off on your first booking if you will sign up on Airbnb from here.

I stayed here for 2 nights and 3 days when I visited Dahab, Egypt

2. Google Lens

I wish, I knew there is an app known as Google Lens which is heaven for travelers. Egypt is a place where sign boards, menus, shop names, product guides are in Arabic. There are very few people who knows English well and its very tiring to communicate especially if you are in a market.

Here it comes the Google Lens which can ease your life at a place similar to Egypt. The feature of Google Lens which translate the language into English or any other desired language would help you a lot. You would be able to read all sign boards, menus, product guides and what not without taking anyone’s help.

You can download the app from here.

3. Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor is third on the list. It is best to use tripadvisor if you want to choose best pricing and experience from multiple options. The app will show you all possible options for your search. You can read reviews for all the options and choose the best one for yourself.

I booked a dinner on Nile cruise in Cairo through Tripadvisor. The dinner on a Nile cruise is very popular in Egypt so there are multiple options for this experience. Randomly choosing any service is not a good idea. This is why Tripadvisor is must when you have multiple options. It was a good experience and reviews were also true about dinner at Nile cruise.

You can download the application from Google or Apple store.

Queen of the Nile Cruise

4. CouchSurfing

I am assuming you know what couch surfing is. This app is for extrovert type of travelers who likes to socialize while traveling. Through this app you can get free accommodation in exchange of nothing. Basically the idea behind this service is that people are usually kind. Travelers reserve their host places through the app and then spend few days with locals. This is a great way to know the locals and learn something unique about the new culture. The app also shows local events organized by local community which you can join and meet new people especially travelers from other countries.

I did book my stay with one host in Hurghada, Egypt but due to change of plans I had to cancel, though I found the app really useful and easy to operate.

You can download the application from here.

5. Google Maps

Everyone of us is aware of Google maps. Google maps has made our lives easy than ever. This is usually built in app in android devices. You will find it more worthy while traveling. Google maps is useful at every new and unfamiliar place.

I was used to use Google maps in Egypt almost every day. Sometimes I was used to get confused about the direction of my hostel and every time I was lost, Google maps saved me. I was also used to use Google maps to check the schedule of local buses to and from my work.

You can download Google maps from here.

Pro Tip & Conclusion

Always get familiar with the local apps of your place, it will save you fortune. These apps can be related to travel, food, groceries, salons and anything. Most of the apps give discount coupons on your first purchase, what else you need though?

I hope you find this article useful and interesting. See you in next blog post till then stay connected with me on Instagram.

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