Five Tips: To Stay Hopeful During Quarantine Period

Who knew life would turn out like this in 2020? Everyone had amazing expectations from the year 2020 but God planned it different way. Social distancing is a demand by a social being which is challenging but have no other option. You know what is worst than quarantined period? Being Hopeless.

I won't say it is easy to stay positive in these hard times where you are missing your loved ones, worried about your financials and have no way out to predict future but I don't agree either that staying hopeful is impossible.

If I can do it. You can do it. Here are five tips which help me to stay hopeful and look at the bright side in such big global crises.

Here you go:

1. Believe in your destiny

Do you believe in destiny? If no, start believing. To stay hopeful, you need to trust your destiny. Stop over thinking because what is written in your destiny can never be taken from you. Always remember, if something is meant for you, it will find your way no matter what. Remember the days you were least expecting something good and it still happened that what exactly destiny is.

2. Look at the bright side

I know you already hate this quarantine period but did you look at its good side? Life was going very fast. The crime rate all over the World was increased. People were becoming more materialistic. Accept it or not, we all needed this break to slow down and understand the real purpose of our lives. This is another way to stay hopeful to think that our globe is healing which we were ruining constantly. I believe after this quarantine period everyone of us will act sanely and instead of giving importance to material things, we will focus more on natural blessings which we usually ignore.

3. Imagine your future

The third tip to stay hopeful is to imagine yourself in future situation. This one works great for me. Everyone of us has goals and dreams to achieve. If you have planned to travel to some place, get a dream job or meet your loved ones, imagine yourself in that particular situation and surprisingly you will start feeling good . This practice is also known as vision board and would help you to stay hopeful.

4. Disconnect with social media

Now you will say you do not have anything else to do in this time of social distancing other than using social media but are you aware of this fact, this social media is not helping you at all but only giving you more anxiety and hopelessness. It would be best if you disconnect with social media and start doing physical activities at home such as playing board games, draw something, start writing a journal, cook something, read a book or talk to your parents but avoid discussions on current situation, keep your talks light and make it a delight.

5. Download Pinterest

Last and final tip to stay hopeful is to download Pinterest right now. Download now and you won't regret ever. Pinterest is my favorite pastime. It gives me hope to do my everyday tasks in a more creative and meaningful way. I am following these topics on Pinterest these days: quotations, short hair, blogging and travel. The application has all the best ideas in the World related to my topics.

I believe all these five tips would help you to stay hopeful in your quarantine period. Keep rocking and don't forget to give your opinion in comments below.

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