Five Ways To Overcome Homesickness

Away from loved ones? I get you.. No Promise, I get you. As much as I love traveling, no one can deny the fact that I love my family more. Being an adult is hard. You have to take those decisions which are uncomfortable yet you do not have any other option.

I, myself is a career oriented person. In past 8 months I have been to two countries. Going to a new country, experience new culture is always fun and amazing but then there are times when you miss home, especially people back home.

Here are five tips which I practiced myself to overcome homesickness and I really hope you find these helping as well.

1. Focus on Positive Side

First thing and most important is to focus on the positive side of your situation. You always wanted to travel, be independent, experience new cultures and think out of box. Now when you are getting all those things which you wished for then this is the time to stay positive and enjoy the place where you are.

Now or then you are going back home to meet your friends and family, by keeping this in your mind, focus on the skills you can enhance by staying abroad.

2. Don’t Call Home too Often

It is really good if you stay in touch with your friends and family but make sure you do not invest too much time in talking back home. Investing more time talking back home can cause more unrest in you. Talk twice or thrice a week. It is best practice if you won’t call back home everyday. This strategy will keep your mind busy with other things and you will stay distracted to focus on your past comfort zone.

I was used to talk to my mother everyday when I first went to Egypt but I actually started feeling that I am missing her even more by talking to her everyday then I decided to talk to on phone once or twice a week only which ultimately worked for me. This strategy drastically changed my attitude. I was more calm with my emotions by talking less to her.

3. Make New Friends

Human is a social animal. They cannot survive without other humans. It is hard at first but once you make new friends, it easier and exciting to live abroad. Making new friends is one of the best ways to overcome homesickness. You learn more with new people and life become fun with all your new friends.

I made many friends during my stay abroad. Definitely non of these new friends took place of my old friends but it was always exciting to get around with these people from different cultures and backgrounds. Making new friends also helps with your mental health during your stay abroad.

4. Write down your Feelings

One of the other ways to overcome homesickness is to write whatever you are feeling. It helps your mind to stay calm. Writing your feelings is more comforting when you do not have anyone in present to share your thoughts. It would be best if you write affirming and positive words for your own self.

In UAE, first two months were very lonely and uncertain. That was the time I really needed someone to be there to listen my all doubts and insecurities. Unfortunately there was no one physically to console. I started writing my thoughts and being honest, I started giving myself affirmations on the paper which I actually were expecting from others. It helped me in so many good ways and I ended up feeling more loved without anyone’s validation.

5. Go through Old Pictures

“We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.”

— Ralph Hattersley

You know what is best time to go through your old pictures? It is when you are homesick. Going through your old pictures and videos would help you to relive the moment. It would also give you sense of belonging.

Be aware of one thing that do not do it more often. As long as going through your old pictures give pleasure, it also creates distress and you want to go back to your comfort zone. Watching your old pictures once in a blue moon is just perfect though.

Final Words

Stay happy and live in the moment where so ever you are. The beauty of time is that it never remains the same. If you have gotten an opportunity to live your dreams just live out loud without fearing anything.

Keep Rocking. See you in next blog post till then stay connected with me on Instagram.

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