Six Things I Miss about Pakistan!

Coming to Egypt was a dream. Being independent was a desire and living on my own was an achievement. I managed to do all these things but I never had idea I would miss Pakistan a lot during this whole process.
There is one thing for sure, no matter where you go, you will always miss something about Pakistan.
For me, I have long list of what I miss about Pakistan but these six things written below are top of the list. I am sure You will be able to relate your experience with mine.

So, Let’s start

1. Desi Chai

First things first, Chaiiiiiii.
In Egypt there is no concept for milk tea. They use tea bags in hot water without milk. Some people add sugar in their tea and others just drink it like that with bitter taste. I missed our Pakistani Chai here the most. After going back to Pakistan, the first thing I would do would probably be Chai.

There is a tip for you whenever you are traveling abroad, take your tea bags with you for making tea according to your own taste.

2. Winters

Okay, so the second thing is obviously early winters of Pakistan. The weather is changing and nights are getting colder everyday but here in Cairo, there is no sign of winters.

I see Egyptians on metro station everyday, wearing sweaters and jackets because they want to believe that it is cold. But believe me, there is no sign of winters yet. In fact it’s very hot in day time. Even right now it’s 6.58 pm and I’m sitting in front of fan.

Comparatively, Lahore in November has a very pleasant weather compared to the whole year. I am missing November in Lahore so much.

3. Greenery

Egypt has its own beauty, there is no doubt in that. It is one of the great places to visit and get surprised with the scenic views. But, Egypt is a desert and that is the reason there is not enough greenery.

I miss watching trees, plants and flowers around me. Pakistan is really blessed with greenery.

4. Urdu Language

This one is a bit weird, but ohh my god, i never thought i would miss speaking urdu so much.

Speaking in English all day long is very hectic especially when you are in Middle East. English-Arabic accent is difficult to understand.

I am very grateful that i have people from Pakistan & India with me here in Egypt who can speak Urdu. After spending whole day in office, when we meet each other and talk in Urdu, it feels like a fairy tale. We feel so relaxed and comfortable.

5. Family

Definitely, it’s obvious to miss family but in my case my mother is my best friend and I miss talking to her. Back in Pakistan I was used to telling her my whole day stories. I really miss our long conversations. Definitely I miss my little brother and sister too, but not more than my mother.

6. Sasti Uber

I already am spending 10 times more than my own currency (rupees) and then here comes Uber. Uber is very expensive here. They say Uber was really cheap here back then but they were working illegally in Egypt. Few months back they got registered and increased their fares as well to cover the cost. Everyday I pay PKR 800 – Rs. 1000 for going and coming back from office.

If you do not want to take Uber, there is an easy way too, Walk. But DO NOT use their public transport except Metro. You will go crazy.

I really wish and hope, YOU TRAVEL and miss your country. Its worth the experience, time and efforts.

Best of Luck. Cheers!

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I can feel every word that you said as I am going through all this at the moment.. especially when you don’thave someone to talk to in urdu… plus that chaye

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